We at IMA can boast, we understand Copper & Copper Alloys better in terms of quality, technical and commercial aspects and our manufacturing starts after understanding the end use of our products. Our team of dedicated and experienced Copper Men have learned from our past and keep the same learning to transform into a better products with due perfection.

Because, we build relations, which leads to total customer's satisfaction. Customer's satisfaction does not comes by mere convenience of time but it comes spontaneously by virtue of our heritage in the specific field. Performance, Experience, quality and price are the important attributes of total Customer's satisfaction.

However this singal attribute is not conductive at all for proper and sufficient satisfaction of the customer rather other attributes combined together reflect and resound a perfect blend of sophistication and indispensability of our products.

Our steady growth, in terms of products, technical upgradation and innovation has turned IMA into a reliable partner, one that you can place your trust in, now and in the future. We believe in innovation and developing new alloys and item shapes in our passion.This performance sums up the answer to the question why IMA.